Iliza Shlesinger’s New Netflix Special Shits All Over Mermaids

Illiza Netflix

Iliza Shlesinger’s trailer for her third Netflix special “Confirmed Kills” came out and it looks like it’s going to be fab. But she definitely, as per usual, doesn’t pull any punches. Her new victims, this time, are everyone’s favorite: mermaids. But she gives us a few reasons not to be enamored by their beautiful hair and magical tails. She claims the Little Mermaid was both a “liar” and a “hoarder” and is quite tired of the growing trend.

Iliza is known for taking typical girl behavior and picking it apart in the most hilarious way, usually with voices, and the occasional sheep sound.

Past victims of Iliza’s have been girls who are always cold, eating around men, and breakups. She is great at taking the basic girl in all of us and putting her on blast in both her past Netflix specials, “War Paint” and “Freezing Hot.” Iliza definitely teaches us how to let our Party Goblin out, even if that means puking on your boyfriend mid-coitus. The trailer has a ton of promise and includes Iliza’s aggressive yet bluntly truthful charisma. Confirmed Kills debuts on September 23rd and her third national tour will ensue.

[via AVClub]

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