I’m Already So Stoked About Puerto Vallarta For Spring Break

Spring Break
I only went on Spring Break one year during college. And to this day, I regret it. What the hell was I doing? I had a week off from literally all of my responsibilities and all of my friends conveniently had the same week off from all of their responsibilities, and I only made use of that ONCE. Do you know how impossible that is to arrange once you graduate? It’s difficult to get everyone together for dinner on the same night. Arranging everyone’s schedules and budgets so they can get off work for a WEEK just does not happen after college. So if there’s one thing I advise students it’s to make the most of it now. Don’t sit home during spring break when you could be having the time of your life in Puerto Vallarta.

The StudentCity Spring Break trip has always been “the one” to go on. Always. Or at least since the ‘90s which is as far back as any of us can remember. This is how they rocked out last year.

The point is, they’ve been pretty much determining “the” spring break destination for a long time. And this year, it’s Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and frankly, the trip sounds dope, for one main reason:

The week of March 10, entire resort is reserved for spring breakers. The. Entire. Resort. If it’s not your first spring break, you know that sometimes so-called “families” and “respectable people” also like to vacation beach front in Mexico. Which is all good and fine for them. Except for you, that means noise complaints and shame. With the entire resort booked up the week of March 10, you can pretty much guarantee that everyone around you is there with the same exact intentions as you are: to party.

The Friendly Vallarta is an oceanfront 24/7 all-inclusive resort featuring two bars, five restaurants, one coffee shop, three pools, a jacuzzi, free WiFi, a fitness center, and a spa. In addition to the amenities, you’ll have access to a private beach filled exclusively with spring breakers. When you book through StudentCity, all of your drinks and meals are included, in addition to airfare, round-trip private transfers to and from the airport and your hotel, and all-access pool parties featuring DJs and contests every day. You’ll also have the option to add a Gold Pass for free cover, express entry, and open bar at the local night clubs.

When you arrive, you’ll get a StudentCity Welcome Orientation where you can meet other spring breakers as well as get some important safety information, including a wristband with a 24-hour emergency telephone number and 24/7 access to professional StudentCity Staff. (Tell Mom and Dad!) The trip starts at $1079 per person (including airfare, hotel, transportation, food, drinks, and access to parties), but group rates are available.

To book your incredible spring break experience, click here.

I’m already jealous.

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