Insane Woman Spent $25,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

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Is Jennifer Lawrence your spirit animal? She’s a total smokeshow, endearingly awkward, and she’s been caught chugging Veuve Clicquot out of the bottle mid-day with her boyfriend, a British “Skins” star. Girlfriend has it all. I feel sure that I would have died in the “Hunger Games” arena within the first five minutes–but J. Law is a badass.

In your quest to be more like your favorite celebrity, maybe you also perfected day drinking by chugging champagne straight from the bottle; but a Texas woman named “Kitty” took her “Single White Female” obsession to another level. Unlike you, she underwent six surgeries and spent more than $25,000 to make those dreams come true. Unfortunately, this isn’t some kind of sick April Fools’ joke, like all the fake pregnancies and engagements that invaded your Facebook this morning (and those are the worst reminder that you’re actually old enough for these jokes to be a reality). Even more unfortunate? Kitty looks literally nothing like her idol, even after spending thousands of bucks.

Kitty wants to look more like J. Law because of her “banging” body. While I agree wholeheartedly, I usually just watch “The Hunger Games” while pinning a workout plan, not planning plastic surgery procedures. Kitty, 30, spent $25,000 on surgeries, minus a discount for appearing on TV. The procedure took six hours, Heidi Montag style, and the recovery took several weeks.

Kitty said that as Jennifer Lawrence became more famous, her friends and family told her how much she looked like the celeb. Kitty, woman to woman, some dude once told me I looked like the rapper Trina. While I never forgot because LOL, I also never spent thousands of dollars trying to become someone I literally look absolutely nothing like. Kitty believes she is a “strong woman,” but really she just reminds me of girls who drunk cry and ex text while insisting they’re “fine.” Actions speak louder than words, Kitty cat, and all your actions point to crazy. If you’re wondering if Kitty is actually insane, she had a brain doctor look at her before she underwent her “transformation,” and he says she’s well adjusted. Agree to disagree.

Despite the fact that Kitty literally looks nothing like Jennifer Lawrence, even after endless pain and thousands of dollars, she thinks it was worth it. I think the doctor who examined her mind needs to take another look. Kitty no longer has the money to send her daughter to college, but she probably would eventually have spent that money on a trip to the looney bin, anyway. Better yet, she could have spent all that money on makeup lessons. The woman below transformed herself into J. Law without the pain, and looks more like her than Kitty ever will.

[via Jezebel]

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