Inspirational Woman Wants To Celebrate Her 100th Birthday By Pole Dancing


We do it at clubs and on party buses, but Beatrice Ingerling is taking pole dancing to a whole new level. She wants to do it at her 100th birthday party this Saturday. Ingerling is even so serious about this that she installed a pole in her home in Chesterfield, Virginia. If you don’t know by now, drinking a glass of wine every day is great for your health. That is the only “medication” she takes, so basically she’s in great enough shape to swing around a pole.

Her daughter, Carol Lensch, said, “Someone asked her what she wanted to do for her 100th birthday, and she said ‘a pole dance.’”

Ingerling wanted to wear a pole-appropriate outfit when she does her dance, but her daughter nixed that idea. “[She’s going to be] very tasteful dressed. Not in the leopard print leotard that she once suggested, but she will stand up by the pole because that was her dream,” said Lensch.

She is 100. I’m pretty sure she can pick out what she wants to wear by now. Fuck the haters — someone needs to give this woman a leopard print leotard and quit telling her how to live her life.

Ingerling is officially my new hero. 100? Seriously? Here’s a rundown of when I, along with many of the rest of us, attempt to dance around a pole. We begin by slowly strutting in a circle slightly stroking the pole as if it were a sexy guy we are trying to seduce. We then casually wrap one leg around the pole and begin walking, just a little quicker. Once we gain enough momentum, we start to spin with both legs. Some of us may even drop it low to a position that suggests we are prepared to unzip zippers and give BJs. In our minds, we are basically Nicki Minaj. But in reality, we look like a demented koala bear trying to be flexible.

Ingerling, however, will be prepared for her dance and actually know what she’s doing unlike the rest of us. Some pole dancing instructors have been giving her advice and suggest she takes lessons prior to her big show.

One instructor, Lux Atl, says simple body waves, hip swivels, and even simple spins are doable for someone of her age. “She will be fine,” Atl says. “This is about feeling fun and sexy and alive.”

Because who isn’t trying to feel like a complete hottie at 100 years old? If I ever make it to 100 I know I’m sure as hell going to wish I could relive my college days on vodka-soaked poles.

Anjel Dust, another pole dancer, suggests Ingerling should pick mellower music than traditional pole dancing classics such as “Rag Doll” by Aerosmith. Dust also says, “You don’t want her whipping her hair around. Also, she should do it barefoot, unless she’s used to walking around in six-inch heels.”

Dammit people. It’s this woman’s 100th birthday for crying out loud. If she wants to work her way around the pole in a leopard print leotard and heels while she whips her hair around, like I personally suggest she should do, she should be allowed to.

Not many people make it to 100 years old. And even less people, if any, request to dance like a stripper at that age. All hail Beatrice Ingerling. That lady is #goals.

[via Huffington Post]

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