Instagram Introduces Video Component

With the popularization of Twitter’s app, Vine, launched in January, it should come as no surprise that the founders of Facebook’s app, Instagram, have recently elected to add a video feature, available starting like a few minutes ago. Creator of Instagram Kevin Systrom claims he and his company have had plans to add a video feature since the beginning, but I’m not convinced it wasn’t a “Bitch, I was here first — know your place” power move.

Instagram’s video feature essentially mirrors Vine’s. Users hold down a video button to record and lift their fingers to stop from recording, and the app pieces together the video clips into one comprehensive creation. The difference, of course, is that Instagram videos have filters, to which average-looking girls have owed their profile pictures since 2010. Users are required to record for a minimum of three seconds, but may make videos lasting up to 15 seconds long, as opposed to Vine’s six second clips.

Perhaps one of the best parts of the new feature, aside from the 13 new filters allowing you to trick people into thinking you’re prettier than you are while in motion, is the “Cinema Mode” component. Designed to stabilize your recording, “Cinema Mode” allows for human error, eliminating any shakiness from your final creation.

Will this feature make Vine obsolete? Some seem to think so:

“Instagram itself has a significant number of users, even when you compare it to Twitter directly. And it’s quite a bit bigger than Vine,” Gartner analyst Brian Blau told ABC News. “In the end, I think people are going to stick with what they know. If they like Instagram and there is a video feature, they will probably use it.”

A solid point…ya cocky bastards. In either case — your move, Vine.

[via ABC]

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