Iowa Chi O’s Drunk Pledge Mom Pees Herself At Fro Yo Shop

Iowa Chi O's Drunk Pledge Mom Pees Herself At Fro Yo Shop

There’s one day a sorority girl looks forward to more than any other: Bid Day. Sure, it’s the day we get to welcome our new sisters, blah blah – but it’s also the day that all of the work of recruitment is finally over and we can relax a little bit.

Jestine, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student, and Chi O’s pledge mom could not wait to sit back and relax after the Bid Day festivities she’d planned finally came to a close last Monday. She and her sisters welcomed sixty-one new members into their chapter. Her job was fucking done. Besides, like, the entire new member process, but whatever.


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Like most of us would have you believe, Jestine’s number one celebratory treat is fro-yo. JK, it’s booze, but fro-yo isn’t far behind. So to congratulate herself on a job well done, she had both a ton of alcohol, followed by some frozen yogurt at Yotopia in Iowa City. It all seems pretty normal, if you choose to ignore that ice cream and alcohol seem like a horrible, curdly mix, but fear not, Jestine did not have poop problems. She did, unfortunately have pee problems. The cops were called on the junior when she pissed on the floor of the fro-yo shop, because, I don’t know, she had to go, and when nature calls, you best answer. It was 7pm, after all. She’d had a long day.

I’ve known a few girls to drunkenly piss themselves, but most of them at least make it to some random frat boy’s bed first. How anyone can pee standing up, without, like, a penis, is beyond me.

Upon their arrival, the police found that Jestine was carrying an empty flask and “smelled of booze, was slurring her speech and had bloodshot watery eyes,” The Smoking Gun reports. She tried to pass off a friend’s ID as her own, likely from the sheer embarrassment of the situation, and not wanting to be known as the girl who pissed at the yogurt shop, but cops are generally harsher on fake IDs than bouncers who make minimum wage.

Ultimately, she was arrested and charged with public intoxication, a misdemeanor. And also, probably ended up with some nasty comments on Yik Yak, and a round of applause from her rival sorority, which some might argue is worse.

[via The Smoking Gun]

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