iPhone 7’s New Camera Is The Best Reason To Upgrade

iphone 7 camera

Selfie lovers of the world (aka me) are rejoicing over the iPhone 7’s camera upgrade. People are even claiming that the new dual camera is the best reason to upgrade your iPhone. Let’s give a nod to the other life-saving new features on the iPhone 7 of being water resistant. If only this upgrade would have happened those three times I dropped my phone in the toilet. And that one time I literally flushed it completely down the toilet.

But back to the good stuff. During the Apple Event, there was a bunch of fancy shmancy wording about cameras that no one really understands, but what we do understand, is that the new iPhone is going to take bomb fake candid pictures.

The depth of field feature is the easiest new camera feature to break down. It gives precision to the image in the forefront and blurs the images in the background, making your selfies pop that much more than your Kylie Lip Kit and fleeked contour.

The Instagram game will forever be changed. Thanks, Apple.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Youtube

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