Is It Possible To Be Partied Out?


As a senior, you’d honestly think I’d be living it up with my sisters, raging face, and checking off all the things on my bucket list before I become just another legendary name on a composite. I’ve done some wild things in my time, but lately, I’ve been in a serious slump.

I’m staying in more. I’m drinking way less. I’m tapping out way earlier. I’m done with chasing frat guys. I’m even tired of going to mixers and other events in general. Truth be told, I’d rather have a nice glass of chardonnay on my back porch in sweats than black out on a frat stage with my tits out. Am I going through the sorority version of menopause?! Am I…growing up?! Please, God, no. Not yet!

I’m to that point where I’m over dealing with getting ready to go out. Contouring, doing my hair, and even thinking about attempting a smokey eye is far too exhausting. I’ve watched from my window as the drunken masses have flooded by, and I have felt absolutely no FOMO. Someone offered me a beer last week and my response was “I think I’ll pass.” None of this has ever happened before.

The second after I turned down that beer is when I realized that I miss that part of me. I miss living for the weekend. I miss being the one to rally the squad on a Thursdays. I miss creating a location game plan for all drunken festivities. I miss taking over as DJ. I miss going to get drunk food absolutely hammered off my ass at 2 AM. I miss being the go-to bitch who knows exactly what’s going down that night. And I miss people shouting my name from across the room out of excitement because they know I’m down for whatever crazy hijinks are going to happen next.

So, what can I do at this point?

My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to kick myself out of this slump. What if this lack of party perseverance lasts until graduation and I’m too late to pick up where I left off?! What if I really am completely out for good? Tragic. Just tragic. At the same time, I think maybe every party girl needs a breather. It has to be that, right? Maybe the damage to my liver has finally caught up to me.

Maybe, just maybe this is the calm before the storm. Maybe I’m not exactly partied out, but instead I’m just recharging for the final showdown of my entire college career. Yeah! This is the build up to my crowning moment. I can’t let one slump scare me into thinking I’ve lost my mojo. It’s time. I’m about to rally. And you can bet your ass I will accept the challenge and come back stronger (and drunker) than ever.

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