It’s Acceptable To Be Both An Alcoholic And A Spinster Because Wine For Cats Is Now A Thing

It's Acceptable To Be Both An Alcoholic And A Spinster Because Wine For Cats Is Now A Thing

It seems like every other day, I see a different girl on Twitter proclaim that she is going to die alone surrounded by 80 cats. Sounds miserable, right? You’re old, your house smells like cat pee, and you’re probably getting drunk alone every night while watching “Jeopardy.” Except, here’s the thing: What if you didn’t have to drink alone? Yeah, you’ll still be old and your house will still be gross and covered in litter boxes and cat hair, but, again, what if you didn’t have to drink alone?

Have I caught your attention yet?

A Japanese company, B&H Lifes, recently debuted a new wine for cats, which means that while you may die alone, you most certainly will not be drinking alone. That has to be good for something, right? Unfortunately, the wine doesn’t actually contain any alcohol (just grapes and catnip) which, I guess, makes it more of a “wine,” but, again, we’ll take what we can get. The “wine” is currently selling for $4 a pop, though the company only made 1,000 bottles, so stock up — otherwise, your eighties are going to be exponentially more depressing.

[via Meowingtons]

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