It’s Okay To Want To Be A Stay At Home Mom, And Anyone Who Says Otherwise Can Buzz Off

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Every time I tell my parents I want to be a stay at home mom when I grow up, they think I’m kidding. I’m like, “Okay Mom, you stayed at home for 10 years when I was younger, you hypocritical little B.”

Our society has changed so much that it is now frowned upon to JUST raise a family, prepare every meal, run errands, clean the house, and stay up during all hours of the night to take care of sick kids (basically serving as the maid and the nanny) without getting paid. Being a mother is the hardest job out there, save for being the president of the United States. Am I right? You bet your ass I’m right.

When I say I dream about being a stay at home mom, I mean I want this for myself many years down the road: after I graduate this spring, after I’m married, and most importantly, after I am financially secure. I may be 22 years old, but I am most certainly still a baby who needs to grow up a lot until I can actually raise a child myself.

There is a tremendous difference in children whose moms worked versus children whose moms stayed at home while they were growing up. I am fortunate to have a mom who stayed at home. My best friends had their moms at home, too, and I think we turned out better than people I know whose moms worked. I know one girl who was raised by a nanny because her mother worked so much, and let’s just say that she didn’t turn out too well. I mean, maybe I’m generalizing this theory too much, but I truly believe there is a benefit to having a stay at home mom.

As you read this, you may be like, “Okay Miss Bitch Tits, not everyone can afford to have just one parent working.” You’re right. Our economy sucks. It seems like with every family, both parents work these days. But what if my future husband rocks and makes a good living? I don’t think I should feel bad about myself because I want to be a super mom.

My mom was the ultimate stay at home mom. Every other mother envied her and all of my friends loved her. Is it so wrong that I want to be just like her?

The question then arises of why I wasted four years in college for a degree I won’t use. Well, I will use it. I do use it. Every day of my damn life. I’m more analytical and intellectual since my high school days–I’m flippin’ smart if I can say so myself! I didn’t just go to college for a degree. I also went for the experience. I’ve had the best four years of my life: staying up until the sun rises, drinking with my friends knowing I had a test the next morning, finding love, laughing so hard about something that isn’t even funny. That’s why I came to college. I wouldn’t give up the experience for anything. So thank you to my mom for teaching me at a young age how to cook, clean, and do laundry. I’m sad to say that most of my friends didn’t know how to do any of these three basic things. Also, thank you to my dad for saving money for my college tuition and my future. It was not a waste, guys. Just know that. I’ve learned all I really needed to know, and I will walk away with a huge smile on my face. Maybe my boyfriend will be my future baby daddy…here’s hoping, people.

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