It’s Possible To Be Obsessed With A Younger Girl Who (Gasp!) Isn’t Your Little

Rush Crush

You know that girl in your sorority? Your secret obsession? Maybe you met her on the very first day of recruitment. You instantly bonded over a shared passion of watching Netflix and wearing glasses when you don’t feel like putting on makeup. Or, quite possibly, you spoke with her on preference night, comparing tattoos, talking about cats, and laughing way too much for a ceremony that requires inside voices. It could have been later on, unexpectedly, when you both happened to be at a concert, drunk off of cheap vodka and thrilled with the idea of having new sisters. No matter how it started, though, there is that girl in your chapter who you wholeheartedly love.

No, she’s not a part of your direct family line, and maybe she was never one of your buddies. She didn’t necessarily run home to you on Bid Day, and you don’t always sit next to her at chapter events. But she is the girl you watched enter your sisterhood and completely shine at everything she did.

You saw her enter the chapter as a new member, timid and unsure of this whole “sorority thing.” You sat with her at lunch and assured her that this was the right choice for her. You listened to her discuss potential bigs, and you eased her fears about initiation, involvement, and that not all frat boys are bad. You liked every single one of her Instagram pictures, and you felt emotional when she finally ran into the arms of her big sister. You were thrilled when she made friends in the sisterhood, and you couldn’t help but feel proud that you had something to do with making her feel like a part of your sorority.

This girl is your rush crush, your pseudo, your true friend.

When discussing values of your sorority, she holds them all, and you’ve known that from the very moment you met her. She’s funny, passionate, and beautiful, but not just in the generic ways everyone else is. She has a sense of humor that is understated. She doesn’t always try to be the center of attention, but when she tells a joke or has a comment, it’s witty in a way that shows her brilliance. She’s passionate in all she does, from creating sincere friendships to following her dreams. She might be really involved in the sisterhood, or maybe she follows callings outside of her Greek letters, and you can’t help but respect her even more for it. And through it all, she is beautiful. She is beautiful in every way a person can be. She has an outer beauty that is striking, but is made more so by how beautiful she is on the inside. She isn’t jealous of other people’s accomplishments, and she is the first to respond when you’re going through a hard time. She is quick to give love and reassurance, and she would never hesitate to put anyone ahead of herself.

The respect you have for her is unmeasurable. You can’t help but look on in awe at everything she does, and you’re truly grateful for having someone as wonderful as she is in your life, no matter the role she plays.

Even though you might be the reason that she entered, or stayed, in the chapter, she’s the reason you feel blessed for your sorority. She was like a child to you, and watching her grow has been one of the highlights of your time in Greek life. Not only is she a sincere sister, but she is a sincere friend. And honestly? You couldn’t imagine life–or your sisterhood–without her.

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Rachel Varina

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