Jackass On Tinder Freaks The F Out After Getting Rejected

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I’ll admit, Tinder has its advantages. You get to look at pictures of cute guys and be told how hot you are all the time. It sounds great, right? A real ego boost. Until you see the dark side of Tinder: the super creepy, rude, overly sexual and probably overcompensating side. On this side of Tinder is where we meet “Tom.”

Tom enjoys cooking, working in finance, and belittling women who reject him on Tinder. It started with an innocent “you can put my meat in your mouth” (like we haven’t all been hearing THAT since the 8th grade) to a girl he matched with, and ended with “you guys all think you’re the shit no matter how mediocre looking you are.” And what did this poor Tinder girl do to trigger his crazy barrage of insults? She told him to stop messaging her. Yep. And guys say WE’RE crazy.

Tom went on to tell our poor girl that she’s “kind of rude” and should apologize to him. As a sign of good sportsmanship, our girl lets him know that she was not trying to be disrespectful, she just didn’t want to talk to him. And that’s when things really got interesting. Tom went on a tirade about how women of our generation have been messed up by “Sex and the City” (um, okay) and how she’s absolutely not hot enough to be rejecting someone like him. Ohhhh, boy.

Way to go, Tom, and good luck to all you ladies braving it on Tinder. I think I’ll give mine a rest for a while.

[via Jezebel]

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