Jay Gatsby Wears Brooks Brothers

I was always pretty sure I wanted to make out with Jay Gatsby. When Leonardo DiCaprio was cast as the fabulously mysterious leading man in The Great Gatsby movie, coming to theatres next month, I knew I did. Now that I’ve discovered that all of the male costuming in the movie is done by Brooks Brothers, I can say with certainty, I’d even let him get to second base with me. Maybe third.

In collaboration with the men’s clothing brand that makes so many of us swoon, Catherine Martin designed every male costume throughout the entire movie. She had the good fortune to be able to use the 1920s archives to draw inspiration from the real designs made and sold by Brooks Brothers at that time. From the lead characters to the background extras, every male actor in the movie is decked out in well-tailored Brooks Brothers suits, exactly as the high-society 1920s people Gatsby associated with would have been.

As any good costumer would, Martin put forth her best effort to differentiate each of the lead characters through their clothing. You’ll notice in the film that Nick Carraway begins in simpler apparel, but as he spends more time with his highfalutin comrades, both he and his attire grow in sophistication. Gatsby, of course, is impeccably dressed from start to finish, as his clothes are just another representation of his ostentatious tendencies. Because Tom Buchanan’s Yale days were spent as a member of a secret society called The Skull and Bones, every single suit he wears in the movie is lined with a skull and crossbone to represent this part of his past, a magnificent attention to detail.

Just from the trailer, the costuming looks incredible. The fact that the menswear is Brooks Brothers is the icing on the cake, and the fact that Brooks Brothers was the main company responsible for outfitting F. Scott Fitzgerald throughout most of his life makes it just that much sweeter. As Martin puts it, it’s “a fantastic link between the book and a purveyor of men’s clothing that still exists today.”

[via GQ]

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