Jeffree Starr is FINALLY Releasing His New Line Of Lipsticks

Long before Kylie Cosmetics ruled the land, Jeffree Starr had his velour liquid lipsticks. They are heavily pigmented, perfectly matte, and long lasting. And to no one’s surprise they sell out immediately. Starr doesn’t update his shop as frequently as Kylie, but he does pride himself in great products. But now, finally, after quite some time (11 months) and testing Jeffree is releasing his Liquid Ammunitions line.

The line appears to be highly pigmented shades of actual lipstick, instead of the gloss, and the actual product looks like little bullets. Fitting. Some of the old shades like “Celebrity Skin” and “Unicorn Blood” will be featured in this style of lippie in a satin finish. But he is also releasing some new shades too, including some in a highly anticipated glitter finish. And as if we weren’t excited enough, the new shades are 100% vegan and cruelty free. He announced that his whole line will be vegan, which wasn’t apart of the original plan. Whatever that means.

The line will feature 10 shades total, some old and some brand spanking new. Each lipstick will retail at $18 a piece and the line launches in sometime this month.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Instagram

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