Jenna Marbles Does A DIY Gift Tutorial And It’s Just Too Good

jenna marbles

If there’s one person in the world who basically runs Youtube, it’s Jenna Marbles. Ever since she started making her videos, we’ve tuned in every Wednesday to see what things she was going to make fun of, who she was going to imitate, and laugh our asses off when we were supposed to be studying for Chemistry or something. Recently she’s branched out and done a shitton of different types of videos, such as her take on the 100 layer challenge, a step-by-step guide to completing our best middle school makeup looks, and some pretty solid life advice on her 30th birthday.

And now, she’s doing a step-by-step tutorial on the best DIY gift ever. A money poster. It’s a fun way to give someone cash without just giving them a lame card with a check, and it’s sure to embarrass your friend forever. Win-win.


• Take horrible, black mail-worthy photos of your friend for years.
• Get a poster board from your local convenience store.
• And maybe a glue stick? But if you’re a sorority girl and you don’t have fucking glue who even are you?
• Same goes for glitter. Jenna didn’t use glitter, but there’s no way you’re going to be around a poster and glue and *not* have glitter.
• Glue the horrible pictures of your favorite person all over the poster board.
• Look up origami and give it your best shot.
• Glue the origami money all over the poster, in strategic places.
• Have a salary that allows you to glue $20 bills all over said poster.
• Relish in your friend’s happiness.

Considering my best friend is getting married in a year, I think it’s pretty obvious what she’s going to be getting under the marriage tree from me!

[via Youtube]

Image via Youtube

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