Jennifer Lawrence Interviewing Kim Kardashian Saved My Life

Jennifer Lawrence Interviewing Kim Kardashian Saved My Life

Amid Jimmy Kimmel having celebrities host his show, we have, perhaps two of my favorite people on a couch together. Jennifer Lawrence, long-time fan of the Kardashians, interviews Kim Kardashian West, and it’s nothing short of magical.

We learn a lot here:

  • Jennifer Lawrence wants to dress her baby son up as a Chip ‘N’ Dale dancer
  • Kim didn’t realize her contour brushes looked like dicks, because they aren’t black.
  • Kris Jenner got the drunkest she’s ever been with Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Kim figured out a way to break into ex-boyfriends’ voicemails, which makes her the ultimate crazy girl hacker.
  • Kanye doesn’t have a password on his phone.
  • Kanye has written and performed songs just for Kim that haven’t been released.
  • Kim wears socks to bed every night.
  • Jennifer Lawrence isn’t sure if she blamed the hurricanes on Donald Trump.
  • Kim was the first of her sisters to lose her virginity.
  • Kim laughed off a Taylor Swift joke.
  • Jennifer thinks Kim’s craziest ex is Kris Humprhies (and she’s right).
  • Kim and Kanye watch Family Feud every night before they go to sleep. JLaw watches Kim and Kanye.
  • Jennifer thinks Reggie Bush’s wife looks like Kim.
  • Jen got butt naked in Kris Jenner’s closet and Kim saw.
  • Kim Kardashian West does not fart. Not in front of Kanye. Not at all.
  • JLaw calls Kim out on being “subtly rude” to Khloe.

And there was much much more. Overall, the interview was a little awkward at points, but mostly amazing. Kim proves herself as the person we all want to be — with perfect and kind responses to every question as well as some subtle humor. And Lawrence proves herself to be the person we all are — slightly awkward, accidentally making offensive jokes, and chock full of bodily functions like sweat and farts, just like a real person.

This wasn’t just the interview we wanted. It’s the one we needed.

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Veronica Ruckh

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