Jimmy Fallon Messes With Donald Trump’s Hair And I Still Don’t Know WTF Is Going On Up There


I don’t think anybody really knows what’s going on with Donald Trump’s hair. Is it real? Is it a toupee? Why does it mildly resemble corn silk? These are the things keeping me up at night, and I can’t believe I’ve never investigated the matter further. I guess I just always assumed that his hair is so big because it’s full of racism.

While appearing on Jimmy Fallon, Trump reluctantly agreed to let the talk show host tousle his hair. I’d bet my next paycheck that the audience held their breath and expected the blonde mop to fly straight off his head. But it all stayed put, and I officially give up.

We’ll probably never know. It’s our nation’s biggest secret.

[via Variety]

Image via YouTube

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Lucky Jo

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