Jimmy Kimmel Completely Breaks Down Talking About His Newborn Son’s Heart Disease

Jimmy Kimmel Completely Breaks Down Talking About His Newborn Son's Heart Disease

Jimmy Kimmel is known for the tricks he plays on children around Halloween and making celebrities read horrible tweets about themselves. He’s always the first to make fun of himself and no matter what, and he always has us laughing at his easy wit and effortless humor. In a very recent segment of his show, however, Jimmy emotionally talks about his son, Billy’s, scary start to life. In the thirteen minute clip that’s quickly going viral, he discusses his newborn’s birth and health complications that resulted in open-heart surgery just two days after he was born.

There’s a 0/10 chance that you’ll get through this without sobbing like a baby, so plan accordingly.

Seeing a well-respected male comedian be vulnerable and show a raw, human side of himself is not exactly common. The fact that he not only shares this very real, very scary part of his life with the audience but cries on television is pretty amazing. Add to that, he took the time to thank every single person who was there for him and his family along the way, and he still manages to laugh and smile, despite the horrible situation. Talk about class.

If you want to donate to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, click here, and tell your philanthropy chair I said it’ll count towards hours next semester.

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