John Mayer Would Be The Bachelor If They Changed Some Things

John Mayer Would Be The Bachelor If They Changed Some Things

In my opinion, there is nothing more attractive than a talented musician. Mix in a little bad-boy blood and you have my dream guy staring you in the face; John Mayer.

John is infamously single, being formerly linked to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Aniston, so what is the perfect platform for chronically single men (aka Nick Viall) to find love? Going on THE BACHELOR, DUH!!!!

So bring in Ellen, the celebrity whisperer, to get John to admit that he would want to be the next Bachelor. Sort of.

John says in his interview with Ellen:

“I think it would be really fun to be ‘The Bachelor.’”

Stop right there. Get ABC on the phone. Before this becomes too good to be true.

Five more days until The Search for Everything begins. (📸@bootswallace)

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It is too good to be true, because when Ellen asked if he would really consider it, John quickly responded with a hard pass. We should have known, if he’s broken Katy Perry’s heart, surely he wouldn’t mind breaking all of ours.

But THEN! Another glimmering ray of hope, he clarifies,

“I don’t think that I would find love there, unless they would change the sort of vetting process for who would be the contestants.”

So he only DOESN’T want to do it because he thinks his contestants would just be there for fame. Does he really watch this show?? That’s why everyone is on this show.

Give the people what they want John. Your body is a wonderland, after all.

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