John Stamos Visited The ‘Full House’ House And Literally No One Recognized Him

John Stamos Visited The 'Full House' House And Literally No One Recognized Him

“Full House” was possibly the greatest show of all time, if not the greatest show of the ’90s. It’s also the only physical evidence we have of the Olsen twins eating anything besides granola and kale. Even though this was the Olsen twins breakout role, the real star of the show was obviously Uncle Jesse. I mean, the rockstar persona, his dreamy smile, THAT HAIR. I would pay top dollar for a blanket made from Uncle Jesse’s hair, but that’s beside the point.

Uncle Jesse AKA John Stamos, now 51 (and still smokin’ hot) recently took a trip down memory lane and visited the “Full House” house in San Fransisco, which has become as iconic as Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone in West Village. Stamos posted a picture to his Instagram on Friday, posing right in front of the legendary townhouse, and behind some unsuspecting “Full House” fans. Take a look:

Boy, these youngsters have 0.0 idea what they're missing. #Fullhousehouse. #TURNAROUND.

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That hashtag is just screaming “NOTICE ME! I used to be relevant twenty years ago!”

Apparently the visitors didn’t recognize Uncle Jesse, and how could you not? He’s like, a super famous yogurt spokesperson now. Kidding, but I’m pretty sure “Full House” is still playing reruns every night on Nickelodeon, right after Fresh Prince of Bel-Air… aaaaand I guess no one else watches Nick at Nite but me. Cool.

I would’ve noticed you, John Stamos. And I would definitely still hit that.

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