Johnny Depp’s $30,000 A Month Wine Budget Is Goals AF

Johnny Depp's $30,000 A Month Wine Budget Is Goals AF

I’m going to be honest for a second and say that my wine budget is out of control. Between a box or two a week, offset by a nicer (read: comes in glass, not cardboard) bottle on the weekends and going out for happy hours with my friends, my monthly wine budget easily exceeds three digits, which adds up to thousands over the course of a year. Sure, I could be using that money to start paying off my student loans, but if I’m not enjoying myself along the way, what’s the point? Apparently that’s Johnny Depp’s philosophy as well, because according to recent court documents, he spends $30,000 every month on wine. I have so much respect for this man right now that it’s absurd.

According to these documents, Depp spends around $2 mil a month, so nbd. On top of paying for his yacht, fourteen homes, art collections, and 45 vehicles, Depp reserved $30,000 for wine that “he had flown to him around the world for personal consumption.” That’s right. Personal consumption. Meaning he spent $30,000 each month on wine that wasn’t for parties, events, or sharing with neighbors – it was all for himself, which is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard. Just so we’re clear, I want to break down exactly how much wine $30,000 can buy. Spoiler: it’s a lot. For Johnny Depp’s monthly wine budget, you could buy:

5,000 bottles of Barefoot @ $6 each
3,000 large bottles of Barefoot @ $10 each
2,000 boxes of Franzia @ $15 each
500 bottles of Moet & Chandon at $60 each
150 bottles of Dom Perignon at $200 each

That’s right, even if you only spent your wine budget on Dom, you’d STILL have to drink five entire bottles a day to go through your wine budget. If you thought Johnny Depp was old news, think again, because he has enough alcohol to throw a 24/7 bottomless mimosa brunch, 365 days a year. Johnny, if you’re reading out there, I like grapefruit ‘mosas and a blueberry French toast, so if you need some help getting through that wine cellar of yours, give me a call, ok?

[via Huffington Post]

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