Justin Bieber Walks Through Security Half-Naked (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber is an idiot, rivaling only the likes of Justin Timberlake. I know, no one ever saw epic douchebaggery in JT, but it’s there. They both have that “Do you know who I am? I’m Justin.” attitude, and I suppose that seems reasonable when you’re thrown into mega-stardom at such a young age, with tons of women constantly throwing themselves at you. They both did the whole “I think I’m black” thing, and it’s annoying because like, Biebs…why does your accent sound that way. You’re from CANADA. They both dated, and probably destroyed, a cute, little teeny bopper of their time, and all I’m trying to say is don’t be surprised when Selena Gomez shaves her head.

JT seems to have grown out of it a little bit. I mean after all, he’s 32, but the air of over-cockiness is still there. The Biebs, however has taken it to a whole new level. He was recently spotted going through airport security half-naked. We get it, Justin. You’re rich, famous, good-looking, and have an awesome set of abs, but look. It’s ok to put some clothes on. His pants drooped beneath his butt, and while I appreciate the fact that he wears briefs instead of boxers, I thought exposed boy bottoms were a thing we left in the 90s, along with scrunchies and opened overalls. He was also shirtless. Why, Justin? Unless security was suspect that you might be hiding some type of weapon between your two chest hairs, I really don’t understand the purpose of walking around naked, other than the sheer fact that you enjoy doing so.

Don’t you get enough attention on the reg? Is this HONESTLY necessary? On March 12, you tweeted “hola” and it was retweeted over 134,000 times. Do you know what would happen if I tweeted “hola?” A cute Latina chick would favorite it, one person would RT it to her friend saying “OMGGG” in reference to some inside joke, seven rednecks would tell me to speak English, because this is America, and everyone else would ignore it. Seriously, what more do you want?

I can’t say I’m surprised though. This isn’t the Biebs’ first unnecessarily naked offense. First was that ridiculous situation when he was “sick” i.e. “making excuses for blowing off a concert.” He felt the need to pull his hospital robe down to his waist, and take a shirtless selfie from the bed. Dumb. He was more recently spotted in London, walking around shirtless in the middle of winter, because he’s a cocky, little shit. Justin, I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell girls who wear mini-dresses in January without tights. Sure, you have a great body, but your desperation to show it to everyone means the only thing anyone can see is your self-importance. Cut it out.

[via Daily Mail]

Video via CBS News
Image via Daily Mail


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