Justin Bieber’s Credit Card Got Declined At Subway

What a week for celebrity dudes to be embarrassed in front of their girlfriends. First Tyga gets his car repossessed while Kylie is with him, and now the Biebs gets his credit card declined when trying to pick up some Subway for him and gf Sophia Richie. Sounds like they had a romantic night ahead.

There’s a couple of weird things about this.

First, I’m sure Justin has more than enough money to buy a sandwich at Subway, but when would he only have ONE credit card on him. I’m sure he has multiple, he probably has more credit cards than I have actual dollars in my bank account.

Second, remember when his dad weirdly asked him, “what do you feed that thing?!” Yes. talking about his sons wiener… Well I guess now we know the answer. Subway foot-longs. You are what you eat??

Third, a fan actually recognized Justin and ended up paying for his food, which is ironic considering he will no longer have meet and greets or take pictures with his fans.

Maybe this will be an eye-opener for Bieber. Looks like he got some humble pie with his free foot-long sandwich.

Image via Debby Wong /

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