Kansas State’s Marching Band Portrays University Of Kansas Jayhawk S’ing D

Kansas State's Marching Band Portrays University Of Kansas Jayhawk S'ing D

‘Tis the season of college football. Everywhere, girls are sporting their best game day outfits, boys are passing out at tailgates, there is a slight chill in the air and crispness underfoot, and marching bands formations look suspiciously like penises. Or at least that’s what happened at the Kansas State vs. South Dakota game on Saturday.

Although some reports say that the Kansas State formation was meant to portray a scene from Star Trek where the U.S.S. Enterprise was battling some awful space creature—how very band geek of them—the congregation actually look like their rival’s mascot, the University of Kansas Jayhawk, giving a giant BJ.

Obviously, this is the coolest thing a band has ever done, but that also means they got in trouble. The band tweeted an apology after the performance and admitted to depicting the Jayhawk battling the “starship.”

Maybe the space ship just happened to look like erect male genitalia entering their rival’s mascot’s mouth. Maybe they were saying that their rival sucks major dick. Either way, they got fined $5,000 and the office of the president will be paying it (not the band), assured Kirk Schulz, Kansas State president.

Lesson of the day: awesomeness comes with a price. Let’s go Kansas State!

[via Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post]

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