Kappa Alpha At Tulane Built A Trump Wall Around Its House

Kappa Alpha At Tulane Built A Trump Wall Around Its House

I don’t know what’s going on right now at Tulane, but allegedly, as part of a weird tradition, the brothers of Kappa Alpha build a wall around their house yearly. It comes around the time of Old South where pledges are made to build a wall around the house. Each of them has a shift guarding the wall, and at night the other fraternities try to tear it down. This year, the fraternity built the wall as planned. You may have heard of some other people who are also interested in building walls around their homes as of late.

Yes, yes, you remembered correctly. It’s millionaire, toupe enthusiast, and presidential candidate Donald Trump, who’d like to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to keep out immigrants. I don’t know much about politics, barricades, or honestly, even Trump, but I know people are none-too-pleased, and if Trump is endorsing something, it’s probably not a smart PR move.

Unfortunately, KA built its wall this year, and not only were people able to draw parallels between their wall and Trump’s, but they flat-out wrote his name on it, as well as some racial slurs, according to some Facebook posts.

The following photos and text have been repeatedly posted to Facebook:

As part of Kappa Alpha Order’s (KA) annual tradition, the fraternity atTulane University decided to build a wall around their house; however, this time they built a wall filled with connotations of hate and ignorance, directly mocking the experiences of Latino immigrants and workers throughout our nation. By writing “TRUMP” in large, red letters across their “wall,” KA changed what was a tradition of building a wall into a tradition of constructing a border, symbolizing separation and xenophobia. This issue not only affects Latinos but all other marginalized immigrant groups in this country.

In Trump’s own words, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” – quote from Trump’s speech announcing his presidential candidacy, June 2015

Please help us raise awareness of this persistent prejudice and share/like this post.


Kappa Alpha sent TSM the following statement:

“Our chapter takes KA’s values of gentlemanly conduct very seriously. This respect extends to every student of Tulane and every member of the broader community. The comment was written on a makeshift wall on our private property, normally used for a game of capture the flag, to mock the ideologies of a political candidate. This had an unintended negative effect and as such it has been dismantled.”

Please direct any inquiries to me. Thank you.

Jesse S. Lyons
Assistant Executive Director for Advancement &
Editor of The Kappa Alpha Journal

Kappa Alpha Order
at Mulberry Hill

So, mayhaps the wall was to make fun of Trump? KA denies any allegations that racial slurs appear on the wall.

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