Kappa Delta At Texas A&M Discusses Joining The United States Marine Corps


I don’t know about you, but I came to college with the intentions of meeting some lifelong besties, drinking too much boxed wine, getting a degree (and a husband), then peacing out. However, Kappa Delta Bri Scherer, a junior at Texas A&M came to College Station with different goals in mind. In addition to being a total hottie, having great grades, and being a sorority woman, Bri will graduate next year as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Many stereotypes exist not only for women in general but specifically for women in the Greek community. Non-Greeks often ignorantly label sorority women as shallow, snobby, or lazy. While many sorority women work hard to defy this stereotype, Bri has gone above and beyond to break free of the mold. She is a true example of hard work, dedication, and passion — all of which we as sorority women strive to be. This week I had the opportunity to interview Bri and find out how being a Kappa Delta and a woman committed to serving her country has impacted her life.


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1. What made you decide to join the military in general?
Bri: “I made the decision that I wanted to go into the Marines the fall semester of my sophomore year, just after I had moved into the KD house. I got contracted in November. Honestly, I just felt the need to serve. I had the realization that anything I would do in the real world job wise would wouldn’t impact anyone but myself.”

2. Why did you pick the Marines over another sector of the Armed Forces?”
Bri: “My parents were both Army, so branches other than the Army or Marines were never really talked about as top. They are the world’s finest fighting force in my opinion. I always thought if I’m going to do it, I’m going to go all the way.”

3. Do you have a female role model in your life, and if so how does she inspire you?
Bri: “I do and she actually went to school at A&M! Her name is Kelli Fox. She is one of the first people I met in the corps and she’s on the A&M cheer squad as well. She’s the most badass girl I’ve ever met. Total girl crush.”

4. How have your sorority sisters shown their support for your decision?
Bri: “When I was living in the sorority house I came back from a hike [with the corps] and [on the hike] I had totally ruined my feet. They were bloody and hurt so bad. My roommate heard me crying from outside my room, helped me take off my boots, cleaned my feet, and fixed me up. Also, over the summer when I went to Officer Candidate School, another sister sent me tons of letters with dinosaur and dog stickers in them.”

5. What are you most afraid of going into the Marines?
Bri: “I’m actually scared that because there are so many guys, I will be looked down upon even though there different things [women] excel at.”

6. How did you prepare for Officer Candidate School (OCS) on a physical level?
Bri: “I ran a ton because OCS is pretty much all running and pushups. In the corps we practiced land navigation tactics like how to use a compass. We also did coursework to learn customs and courtesies. I did most of my training with the [Texas A&M] corps though, other than the running on my own.”

7. How did you prepare for OCS on a psychological level?
Bri: “It was impossible to prepare at first because I didn’t know what to expect. I tried to take it day by day but it was honestly really stressful! Everything is always so unexpected.”

8. What is the hardest thing you’ve encountered thus far?
Bri: “Literally the huge learning curve. I’ve learned so much in so little time. It’s hard trying to not be the weakling. I’ve had to catch up with what the guys have been training for since the start of college.”

9. How do you feel about the stigma that the Armed Forces are a man’s ‘stomping ground’?
Bri: “It is so true. The women in [the military] bring a different perspective to the table, that’s why there is a need for more women. Women are more concerned with cooperating. We have the ability to see the big picture and bring together large groups of people often better than the guys can.”

10.Rumor has it you don’t get to shave during bootcamp. Is this true and if so how do you feel about it?
Bri: “No it’s not true [laughs]. You can but it’s honestly just such a waste of time most of us don’t shave. Shaving is not worth the time when you could spend that time sleeping. But once you do shave the pants feel so weird the next day. We didn’t have a break for the first 3 weeks of OCS and that even meant no phones. After the 3 weeks were over all the girls shaved and put on makeup and did our hair and we looked so different! That seemed like the best week of my life! You’re clearly not there to find a husband.”

11. What do you anticipate the most difficult part of serving will be?
Bri: “Either the pressure to succeed because people’s lives are on the line and the consequences of your decisions are so much larger or being away from home and your family.”

12. Is there anything Kappa Delta has done to prepare you for this?
Bri: “Being active in committees and learning to work in big groups have helped. Also recruitment really helps you learn to deal with different types of people.”

13. Are there any Kappa Delta values or morals that align with those of the military?
Bri: “Integrity for sure! Meaning what you say and doing what you mean. My freshman year my pledge class used the acronym D.I.P.: Driven Involved Passionate. Those are all things I strive to be both in life in general and in the Marines.

14. Have you met any special guys during your time training? Anyone you’re dating or just hotties in general?
Bri: “They are all so perfectly built with awesome bodies! Its hard to pick one. It is always fun when they have to change out of their wet clothes after runs in the rain though..”

We all try to be bad bitches, but as far as I know Bri has set the bar pretty damn high. She is the epitome of a woman who is driven, involved, and passionate. We are so grateful for your service.

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