Kappa Phi Lambda At The University At Albany Raised $14,000 In One Day For A Sister Who Was Murdered

Kappa Phi Lambda death

A chapter at the University at Albany SUNY recently experienced a devastating loss as they said goodbye to a fallen sister. Sunny Kim ‘LaROK,’ an alumna of Kappa Phi Lambda, was killed in a horrible domestic violence assault.

The details of the incident were posted to a Korean website called According to Gayle Unhjem, who translated the article, the details of the tragedy are, quite honestly, horrifying. In short, Sunny was strangled by her boyfriend when she told him that she wanted to breakup. He then buried her body on a nearby hill. After killing her, Sunny’s boyfriend tried to take his own life, and later called the police, confessing to her murder. According to the translation, her boyfriend had a history of abusive behavior and stalking. They just didn’t realize how serious the situation was.

It is absolutely devastating. And there’s no real way to handle it. How do you accept the fact that your sister, friend, and daughter was taken too soon? You can’t. Not really. But, in an effort to help the loved ones left behind, the amazing sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda decided to do something for Sunny’s family. They chose to set up a gofundme page to help with funeral costs.

From the page:

On behalf of Kappa Phi Lambda – Upsilon Chapter we would like to announce with a great sadness the passing of our beloved sister Sunny Kim ‘LaROK’. On 2 May 2015, Sunny Kim passed from an unjust death. No words can express how much we will miss her. She was truly one of a kind and brought much light and laughter to our chapter. May she rest in peace. We ask that anyone who knew Sunny please respect the privacy of her family during this time of grief. In an effort to support her family in their time of grief we have set up a gofundme account that will be passed to her family to help with funeral costs. Please continue to pass on her story and cherish the moments you shared with her.

If you have any questions, please contact Albany Kappas facebook page. Thank you for the love and support and please continue to live on the moments with Sunny. May she rest in peace.

Since the page was created a day ago, they have already raised close to $14,000. In light of such pain, it’s inspiring to see a chapter do so much good for a devastated family. We say that being in a sorority isn’t four years, it’s for life. But this story proves that even after our life has passed, our sisters will ALWAYS be there for us. Our hearts go out to Sunny, her family, and the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda during this tragic time. In light of the pain, thank you for showing us what true bravery, compassion, and love really means. #‎StoryOfSunny‬

[via gofundme]

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