Kappa Sigma At Tennessee Tech Is Actually Using A Goat To Get Laid (Pics)

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We’ve all heard from a frat hound, right? A cute puppy that a fraternity adopts in what I’m pretty sure is an attempt to get laid. And let’s be real, it totally works. But I recently learned about an alternative to the frat hound and I have to say: It might just be the best thing ever. I mean, if I saw this guy chilling on the front porch, I’m definitely coming up to check him out.

Meet Ranger, the goat, who lives at the Kappa Sigma house at Tennessee Tech. You may have heard about Ranger earlier this week, when another fraternity tried to kidnap him. Since the news broke about his kidnapping, I was blessed enough to have him follow me on Twitter, and I have to say, if you can’t go meet this little ball of cuteness in person, his Twitter is the next best thing. Ranger spends his days tweeting about #goatlife, which seems remarkably similar to the life of a sorority girl…

He’s not a great driver.

He randomly sings awesome song lyrics.

He occasionally overeats.

And maybe over drinks.

He LOVES naps.

And puppies.

Ranger, I think you and I are soulmates. If I’m ever in Tennessee, I’ll buy you a beer… or some goat feed.

Image via Twitter/ @Rangerthegoat

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