Kat Von D is Planning the Tackiest Wedding Ever

Surprise, surprise. The girl with 10,000 tattoos is planning a wedding that is far from an elegant affair. Tattoo artist and reality television star Kat Von D plans to marry world-famous DJ, Deadmau5, in an “Under the Sea” themed wedding on August 5th. Kat and Joel Zimmerman’s wedding is inspired by their favorite short story, “The Call of Cthulhu.” It’s about a creature who is half man, half octopus.

So, that’s festive.

Instead of wearing the traditional white gown of a blushing bride, Von D has chosen a dress that she describes as having a “sleek silhouette that include hints of iridescent teals, blues, and deep violet ombre gradients.” Cute. Not.

I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult for people to realize that the theme of a wedding is…get ready for it…A FUCKING WEDDING. It’s not an Anything But Clothes mixer. There is no need for people to plan their weddings around stupid themes, because a wedding is a night of matrimonial vows, not keg stands and Jell-O shots.

This is also the third weird mermaid obsessed story I’ve heard this year. First, there was the dumb bitch who dressed up as Ariel on her wedding day. She had her “Disney Dream Wedding,” which I’m sure was a vision she shared with every six-year-old girl in America. Then, there was this crazy girl, who quit her job, denounced society, and decided to work as a real life mermaid. Maybe Kat will hire her to “perform” at her wedding?

Kat Von D’s dating history is far from sterling. Before she dated Jesse James, the nationally hated womanizer who cheated on Sandra Bullock, Kat also dated Nikki Sixx, who is approximately 5,000 years older than she is. I don’t know much about Deadmau5 outside of the fact that his music is fun to get weird to on Molly, but he usually covers his tattooed face/neck with a flashing Mouse head, which I think is a great look for him.

I’m sure the tackiness that will surely be the Zimmerman/Von D wedding will grace the pages of US Weekly or something of that nature. I can’t wait to judge her even more than I do now once the photos are released.

Congratulations to the happy couple?

[via Yahoo]

Image via Associated Press


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