Kate Middleton Wears a Tiara For The First Time Since 2011

On Tuesday, Kate Middleton wore a tiara for the first time since her wedding over two years ago. Why? She attended a royal banquet where it is required for the women to wear a tiara; she literally had to wear it. I have been told that I had to take mine off (Christmas Eve church service, circa 1997). If I were actual royalty, not even my mother’s super scary angry whisper voice could convince me to remove my tiara. I would have one for every outfit. I would sleep in it. Kate has time and time again been applauded for her humbleness and lack of pretension. That’s great and all, but she’s the envy of every woman in the world. If anyone can pull off a little pretension and an excess of diamonds, it’s her. You’re married to a prince, Katie, milk it for what it’s worth. What it’s worth, by the way, is diva status and a totally legit reason to wear a tiara all the damn time.

If our darling duchess had been in a sorority, I’m sure we wouldn’t be reading news stories about how she’s finally wearing a tiara again. Instead we’d be treated to tales and photos of lavish parties, posh philanthropy events, and chic lunches with her little sister, Pippa.

To make things even better/worse, the tiara in question is a totally vintage, 1920s-style, Pinterest-worthy stunner. So trendy and Gatsby, I can’t even handle it.

We love you Kate. Stay flawless.

[via Huffington Post]


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