Katy Perry Meets A Survivor Of The Pulse Shooting, 12/10 Will Cry (Video)

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On June 12, almost exactly three months ago, 49 people were killed in the biggest mass shooting in American history. The morning I woke up to see that there was a massacre in Orlando, I didn’t know what to do. I froze. My insides froze. My world froze. I went to school in Orlando. I had friends in Orlando. Orlando was my home. With panic in my heart and tears in my eyes, I searched through social media, checked on my friends, checked on people I knew, made sure my loved ones were marked safe.

And by some miracle, they were. My friends who were gay, my sisters who were celebrating pride, the people I grew up with were safe.

But other friends, other family members, other panicked people just hoping for relief weren’t as lucky. That day changed us. And one survivor recently went on Ellen to talk about how it changed him.

Tony Marrero was shot four times in the back at Pulse that night. His best friend was killed. And now he’s speaking out to tell his story, and I guarantee it will reduce you to a sobbing mess.

And then, Ellen did what Ellen does best, and gave Tony some light in the face of this horrible tragedy that he lived through.

Hug your friends a little tighter, call your parents a little more, and remember that you can always find light in darkness. And now, go wash your face. Your makeup is literally everywhere.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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