Kendal Jenner Is “Full-On Dating” A$AP Rocky

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I’m known around this office for hating the Kardashians, which is probably the reason I’m on constant probation. However, I pride myself for knowing my fair share about the rappers they date. And one thing I definitely can’t hate about the K squad is that they have some pretty talented man candy on deck. Excluding Tyga, who is interesting enough, but can’t seem to produce anything above average. “Stimulated” was decent, but most likely paid for by Kris Jenner, because the rest of that album was total shit. But Kanye is another story– dude is so much of genius that people actually hate him for knowing how talented he is. I may not fangirl over Kim like the rest of the female population, but Kanye has had my heart since I was a preteen listening to 808’s & Heartbreak.

And now we have a new addition to the fam—none other than A$AP Rocky. A source has confirmed that Kendall Jenner is “full-on dating” A$AP, and I’m praying this news isn’t as iffy as past reports of Kendall’s love life with suspected boyfriends like Harry Styles and Jordan Clarkson.

If it is true, this is great news. Most of you know A$AP for his collaboration with Selena Gomez on “Good For You,” but your boyfriend knows him for his two critically acclaimed albums that both scored number one spots on the Billboard 200. His album At. Long. Last. A$AP got me through my toughest 2015 breakup and paved the way for an awesome summer. Dude’s crazy talented, and not just musically—he’s also a director, actor, and model. Take that, Tyga.

Now all we just need to patiently wait for Kanye and A$AP to put something together, and I can die a happy woman. Even if it is because of the Kardashians.

[via Us Weekly]

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