Kendall Was Never “Part Of Taylor’s Squad”

Kendall Taylor

The day Kim Kardashian took down Taylor Swift on social media was our generation’s moon landing. Relax, people. I’m being hyperbolic. I wouldn’t actually compare those two events. The moon landing was only for science nerds, and the KKW-TSwift scandal affected us all. It was an epic evening during which we watched two of Hollywood’s most famous names duke it out. One, largely painted the villain for having sex with her boyfriend 10 years ago, and the other, largely painted the heroine, because boys are mean to her.

Their brands could not be more different. One plays on being “sweet” and “goofy” while the other plays on glamour and sexuality. You’ll hardly find someone who’s a HUGE fan of both Kim and Taylor. In fact, lovers of one normally hate the other. So when Taylor was publicly mortified at the hands of a Kardashian, the world had a lot to say.

One lingering question some had, though, is what became of Kendall and Taylor when Kim tweeted out her snakes. Wasn’t Kenny part of the #Squad?

First of all, this man is me. Because that was also the best night of my life. Second of all, Kim just FURTHER proved what I’ve known all along. Taylor’s squad is fake as fuck. No one likes her.

Some other fun tea Kim spilled.

Kendall feels really bad about the Pepsi commercial.

Kim has her own feelings on Tyga AND Monica Rose AND Caitlyn and Kris

Never a dull moment.

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