Kesha Bares It All To Stand Up To Body Shamers


Everyone has their own opinion about celebs posting risqué photos and although you are entitled to your own opinion and can think whatever the fuck you want, just know that if you’re going to hate on Kesha for posting a booty pic, you are wrong.

Kesha has spoken out numerous times about her struggle with body image and battle with an eating disorder and this week it became clear that she was done taking the heat from haters.

After one hater slammed her body online, Kesha posted quite a cheeky Instagram post with an even more cutthroat caption.

After speaking out last month vowing she will be taking her life back from “dickhead” body shamers, it’s becoming clear that Kesha is not a lady to be fucked with.

Cheers to you, Kesha, for standing up for all of us magically imperfect ladies.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Tinseltown /

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