KFC Actually Released Fried Chicken Flavored Nail Polish

KFC nails

Picking the right nail polish for your manicure can be tricky. Should you pay the extra money for the gel upgrade if you’re going to want to change your look in a week? What if you want a bold spring color but a neutral would look better for your upcoming Mother’s Day brunch? Should you even consider nail art? Now KFC – yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken – just added a new question to your manicure checklist that I guarantee you’ve never considered before – should my manicure taste like fried chicken fingers?

Wait, what? Strangely enough, you did read that correctly. KFC is testing two new fried chicken flavored nail polishes in Hong Kong that are actually edible. Depending on your tastes, there are even two flavor options – Original or Hot and Spicy. Amazingly enough, they’re actually supposed to taste like chicken, bringing an entirely new meaning to the phrase “chicken fingers.”

The Original shade is actually a really pretty nude, which I might consider using, as long as I don’t care if people stare at me all day for drooling all over my hands. Hot and Spicy, on the other hand, will be a bold orange-red shade, that will be perfect for fall — very convenient, as the line is expected to hit the mass market by the second half of the year. Soon, you’ll be able to have your manicure and eat it too.

[via NY Times]

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