KFC Now Has A Fried Chicken Corsage, Drunk Girls Around The World Rejoice

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You’re at formal, you’ve been drinking for hours, and all you want is a little midnight snack to top off your fairytale of an evening. It’s a familiar scene, only now KFC is making all of your dreams come true–with chicken corsages.

KFC created these chicken corsages for Prom, but I think they’re better suited for formals. The only drawback? The chicken drumstick restsĀ on a bed of baby’s breath. Honestly, I’d prefer chicken around my wrist to baby’s breath, because it’s far more elegant. I’d also prefer Chick-fil-A sauce, but I could always make it BYOS.

The corsage kit costs $20, and it comes with a $5 KFC gift card to select a preferred style of chicken. Your date can choose Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Unfortunately, it cannot be matched to your dress and you can’t buy your date a chicken nugget boutonniere.

KFC, based in Louisville, approached a local florist to work on the bad baby’s breath design. While the partnership is currently local, it might soon be worldwide. One hundred corsages were made, so they’re incredibly exclusive. So far, the company has 50 corsages left and they’re going fast, which means you need to subtweet this immediately for your formal date to see. A chicken corsage makes the perfect late night snack and the best Instagram post, no filter needed. Everyone will be jealous that you have someone caring enough to buy you more than just cocktails.

If you’re not in Kentucky, your formal dreams can still come true–they ship! Unfortunately, the shipped corsages are made with artificial baby’s breath, which is even less appetizing than the chicken it’s attached to. Since you’re too young for a ring, let your formal date put a wing on it instead. It’s basically like Prom all over again, only you’re older, wiser, and you’ll smell like chicken.

[via USA Today]

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