Khloé Is Getting A Spinoff Weight Loss Challenge Show On E! And The Trailer Just Slayed My Soul

Khloé Is Getting A Spinoff Weight Loss Show On E! And The Trailer Shook Me To My Core

I can not fucking breathe. Khloé Kardashian, AKA the best Kardashian, is once again proving that this Earth is not worthy of her.

As we all know thanks to vision, Khloé has recently undergone a complete physical transformation. She’s taken some dark twists and turns in her life and a lifetime of bullying and being compared with her two, much tinier older sisters into something positive, and fell in love with health and fitness. And now she has the revenge body to say “fuck all y’all” to anyone who’s ever made her feel less than.

But she still holds onto the memory of being “the fat sister,” and is continuing to use that to motivate both herself, and now others. It’s no secret that Khloé’s denim line Good American is a trailblazer in the way of high end denim. Most luxury lines don’t actually cater to all body types, but Koko has made sure that hers did, offering sizes up to 24, and different fits for ALL different body types.

And now, she’s taking it a step further. Mama Kris posted the following video to Twitter, announcing Khloé’s new weight loss show “Revenge Body.” The trailer is giving me chills. I am SCREAMING.

Again, Khloé proves to be the most incredible, kind, and genuine sister, as she motivates a team of people to work hard toward their weight loss goals — as well as adding a little KoKo flair, with what appears to be makeovers and wardrobe makeovers to boot.

The show premieres on E! (duh) on Thursday January 12, and I am SO here for it.

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