Kid Returns Fraternity Ring To Veteran After It Had Been Missing For 56 Years

Kid Returns Vet's Frat Ring

Here’s a feel-good story to brighten your Monday.

Fifty-six years ago, Donald Koepfer graduated from the University of Toledo where he was a member of Theta Chi fraternity. Soon after graduation, he was a commissioned Army officer at Ft. Benning, but somewhere along the way, he lost his fraternity ring. To this day, Koepfer claims he has no idea how the ring went missing. Frat. If I had to guess, he went on some epic bender before joining the Army and sacrificed his ring to the vodka gods who stole his memory of the night so that he may rage another day. From there, he likely spent a significant amount of time avoiding j-board and downplaying the fact that he’d casually misplaced a giant piece of gold. But Donnie no longer needs to fear j-board, because decades later, his estranged ring showed up on his doorstep.

“I was totally flamboozled when I got the call from up in northwestern Michigan,” Koepfer told Ledger-Enquirer, because of course he was flamboozled! He’s 78 years old and has no idea how adorable it is to identify emotions at all, let alone how adorable it is when that feeling is “flamboozled.” The ring ended up some 280 miles from the University of Toledo in a town Koepfer had never visited, but Jacob Larson, a “young kid going to school” found it in the dirt there one day and honorably returned it to police instead of a pawn shop.

The initials “DJK” engraved inside the ring made it slightly easier to identify its owner and return it to him. With slightly larger fingers, the veteran now wears his old fraternity ring on his index finger. He sent Larson a note thanking him for returning his lost fraternity memorabilia to him and made reporters aware that his blast from the past certainly stirred up some feelings of nostalgia: “Yes, you get to thinking about your fraternity life, university life,” he said.

We’re glad you were reminded of the good, old days, Don. I’ve got all the feels.

[via Ledger-Enquirer]

Image via Mason County Press

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