Kim And Kanye Reveal New Baby’s Name And It’s Just As Stupid As You Thought


Kim Kardashian-West gave birth to her second child with Kanye this past weekend. While many have been speculating the name of the baby boy for months, the proud parents just revealed the name today. In less than shocking news, the two egomaniacs decided to go with a stupid name, yes, even more idiotic than ‘North.’ According to E!, baby Yeezus will now have to forever answer to Saint West.

Not that I’m surprised by the ridiculousness of the two parents, but I couldn’t help but think of all the better baby naming options out there. So even though none of you asked and hopefully none of you care, I give you seven names better than ‘Saint’ for the newest Kardashian-West child.

  1. East.
    Or South. Or literally any direction. At least your children would have a cohesive theme.
  2. Jesus.
    Kanye already thinks he’s God, so it only makes sense to name his son after God’s son.
  3. Kanye.
    I would bet money that they realistically considered naming the baby boy after Kanye but only decided against it because Kanye believes that he is one of kind and shouldn’t have to share his name with anyone.
  4. Legend.
    Because Kim and Kanye are just crazy enough to think their child would deserve a name like ‘Legend’ before they even accomplished anything to make them legendary.
  5. Pear.
    Take a page out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book and name your child after a fruit.
  6. Heir.
    Taking baby naming literally and calling the child what he is, the heir to Kanye’s empire.
  7. Blessing.
    Obviously we should all feel #blessed to live in a world filled with Yeezus offspring.

Whatever, I guess congratulations are in order to Kim and ‘Ye. So congrats on exceeding expectations and naming your baby boy what has to be top 10 stupidest names.

[via E!]

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