Kim K Takes 6,000 Selfies On Vacation

Kim K

Kim Kardashian; hottest mom, boss ass bitch, selfie queen. Is there anything Kim Kardashian can’t do? Well she can’t dance, but we will let it slide because the hot mama just broke the selfie world record, and we can’t even be mad about it. We learned about savage selfies on Kendall Jenner’s app in a post named, “Kim-Digits: The Breakdown Of My Mexico Vacation.”

When I first heard that KiKi took 6,000 selfies (in four days), I was in shock. That’s 1,500 selfies every single day. How do you find time to eat? Sleep? Play with your kids? Go to the bathroom? But then I thought to myself, on average, how many selfies do I take in order to just get one good one? The limit does not exist. It can take me anywhere from twenty to two hundred snaps of the camera to get one good quality selfie that I will still have to Facetune or Perfect365 to get rid of my under eye circles and abnormally large pores.

You have to think of the logistics here, we take hundreds of selfies just to make sure ONE of them is Insta worthy. Kim K takes 6,000 selfies where all 6,000 would get more than one million likes on Instagram and I would go on record saying that she probably doesn’t need to Facetune any of them. Must be nice.

Can you please teach us your ways, mama West? And can we go on vacation with you next time?

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