KU Sophomore Wins $10,000 In Half-Court Shot Giveaway, Gives It All To Her Nana


I’m not exaggerating when I say that my grandma is quite literally the most wonderful person in the world. I’m not saying that she’s a better person than your grandma, who is also probably the most wonderful person in the world. All grandmas are the best. They all deserve thrones, complete with itchy crocheted blankets and needlepoint pillows. My only goal in life is to some day become a Mamaw myself, which I realize will drastically fuck up my goal of never having children, but whatever. I want to get there, just so people see me on the street and say, “Aw, look at that little old granny, isn’t she the cutest?”

During a basketball game this past Saturday, the director of KU basketball operations made a half-court shot that won a fan a hefty $10,000. The whole situation was part of a KU giveaway that allowed contestants the opportunity to pick any non-player to win them some cash. The lucky fan in question was Jordan Stiers, a KU sophomore from Missouri.

Now, if someone handed me a check for $10,000, I would know exactly who to spend it on: me. Have you met me? I’m great. Definitely deserving of a five-figure Sephora shopping spree. But Jordan is a much better person than I am (or worse, depending on how you look at the situation). She immediately vowed to give the money to her “Nana,” Roxanne Edwards.

“I was just thinking about my Nana and what I was going to do to help her. I’ve always thought about that one question: ‘If you win so much money, what are you going to do with it?’ And she’s helped me a lot in my life, so pay it forward.”

Jordan’s Grandma, who I’m going to call Roxy because her name is badass, apparently took in Jordan and her four siblings. She rescued them from foster care and raised them in her home in Independence, MO.

“She took us in when things were tough. It’s been rough for her, but she’s taken care of us, so I’m going to take care of her. She’s my mom. She’s my dad. She’s my grandma — she’s everything. She has done so much for me, taught me so much. There’s nothing I can do to repay her, but this will say thank you a little bit.”

This whole thing is aww-tastic, and if I were the kind of person who cries at sappy shit, I would be bawling right now. It’s nice to see such a selfless act by a college student, and it’s a good reminder that even though this world is roughly 90% shit, there are still good people with even better Nanas who are willing to give back. Best of lucky to Jordan, Roxy, and the rest of the Stiers squad. You may not have been the one to make the shot, but you still da MVP.

[via The Kansas City Star]

Image via The Kansas City Star

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