Kylie And Tyga Might End Up In Jail Over His 200K Debt


We’ve all had one (or multiple) deadbeat boyfriends that our parents tell us to dump before they suck us into their shitty lives, but we just don’t listen because we *love* them and we *stand by our man.* Yeah, whatever. If that man had $200k in debt like Tyga, you would run for the hills.

When that deposit hit

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Tyga is known for buying elaborate gifts for Kylie. More importantly, he’s known for buying gifts for Kylie that he can’t afford. Now the situation is getting tricky, as celeb jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, is threatening to ARREST both Tyga AND KYLIE.

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Take a second to just think about how crazy it would be if the two were thrown in jail. I mean, I know they’d get out in like five minutes, but it would still be insane. How exactly did Kylie get thrown into the mix? Is she picking up some of Tyga’s bad habits? No, but apparently she’s the root of Tyga’s spending problem, and target number two for Jason and his legal team.

Jason says that Tyga owes him over $200k in debt, and believes most of the things he bought have gone to Kylie Jenner, so now the legal team wants to question them both, with lawyers present. If the two do not show to the meeting that is scheduled in the next couple of weeks, Jason’s legal team say’s they will bring the big dogs in and have them arrested.

These guys don’t play around. Last month they got a warrant for Tyga’s arrest, forcing him to pay his previous debts. Lord help us.

Two things. First, Tyga, don’t buy things you can’t afford. Especially 200k worth. People are going to get pissed when you don’t pay, and there will be consequences. Second, Kylie, dump this dude or this is going to be what the rest of your life looks like. Sitting in meetings with lawyers, because your boyfriend is a dumbass who sucks you down the shit hole with him

At least we can all learn something from the pair: true love doesn’t come with a price tag. Just a jail sentence.

[via TMZ]

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