Kylie Jenner Shuts Down Boob Job Frenzy In The Best Way Possible

kylie jenner

Sorry for the fake out guys, I guess we all seem to think Kylie Jenner and her amazing matte lip kits are superhuman because it turns out her boobs were only that big because of that special time we all know and love.

Yes, her period.

That has to be the most iconic boob job rumor shut down in history. I don’t know if PR Queen Kris Jenner concocted that one or if Kylie just told some peasant who runs her twitter “I don’t care. Just tell them I’m like on my period or something.” The latter seems more probable. Personally, when I get my period my boobs hurt, I cry about my love for Tom Daley and eat everything within a 4-mile radius. Wonder if Kylie does this too?

Some commenters still noticed that they looked “too perfect” to be real, but let’s just let her live. She says they’ll sadly “deflate” when her periods over which may also be the best response to a boob job rumor, simply for the use of the word “deflate.” I’d love to know what other magical things happen to famous people on their periods. Do they get thigh gaps? Can they wing their eyeliner better? These are the real questions. But anyway, back to focusing on more important things like what time to go to happy hour tonight.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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