Kylie Jenner Launches Nude Lip Gloss Collection

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I’m obsessed with all things beauty. I spend an obscene amount of time and money researching, trying, and testing out products. Like with any addiction, being obsessed with makeup comes with highs and lows, the lowest of the low being my bank account after a huge Sephora haul. But one of the best things is the excitement that comes with any new product launch.

I was just casually scrolling through Snapchat when I saw it. One of the beauty gurus I follow posted about a new launch party she was attending. At Kris Jenner’s house. This can only mean one thing: Kylie is about to drop something big.

She posted a cryptic picture to her Instagram yesterday, so we knew something was coming.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Beauty vloggers Lustre Lux and Amrezy both posted Snapchats of the newest addition to the Kylie Cosmetics family: lip glosses. Nude lip glosses.

IMG_5805 4




Not long after I saw these Snaps, Kylie posted this video officially announcing the launch.

The video features Kylie and her friends at a sketchy motel in the desert. One of them looks to be orchestrating a drug deal… FOR KYLIE’S LIP GLOSSES. Because that’s something that’s totally going to start happening if she doesn’t stop selling out on her website in three freaking minutes. Kylie’s outside waiting in her Rolls-Royce, and she gets up out of her car to put on a fur coat. In the middle of a desert. I guess maybe she was cold? The “drug” deal goes bad, and Kylie and her friends speed away while throwing money out of a Rolls-Royce, because #relatable. The names of the colors are “Like,” “Literally,” and “So Cute.”

GLOSS #Like #Literally #SoCute

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The lip glosses launch tomorrow, April 1, and may the Internet odds be ever in your favor, because we all know these are going to sell out within minutes.

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