Kylie Jenner Makes Another Major Change To Her Lip Kit After Multiple Complaints


18-year-old Kylie Jenner has learned very quickly that running your own cosmetics brand is by no means easy. Despite the huge success of Kylie Cosmetics (seriously, she can’t keep her products in stock for longer than fifteen minutes before they sell out), King Kylie has had some major setbacks. She’s faced backlash over delivering lip glosses with messed up application wands, speculation that her lip kits are actually just a repackaged $6 lip product, and the most recent claim that people are receiving the boxes without the actual lip kits in them.

Kylie’s lip kits are in such high demand that people are actually committing felonies by opening up someone else’s mail and stealing the product inside. Yup — people are risking five years in prison just to get their hands on Kylie’s coveted liquid lipstick.

Kylie’s company has received a ton of complaints from the Better Business Bureau because people are being jacked of the liquid lipsticks and lip glosses they so grossly overpaid for. Somewhere along the journey from her warehouse to your doorstep, a thief (with good taste) breaks into people’s lip kits and steals the product inside. The BBB says it’s because the lip kits come in “highly recognizable” packaging, so Kylie was forced to make a change. She recently changed the packaging to look more in cognito.

Here’s what the packaging looked like before the update:

Box Signing

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And here’s what they look like now:

The paint dripping is now on the inside of the box, but the box is still in its signature black packaging. Hopefully, this will decrease the chances of your precious lip kit ending up in the wrong hands.

Or you can avoid the hoopla altogether and just buy this $6 dupe.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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