Kylie Jenner Went Platinum Blonde And It Looks Amaze

The Jennner Kardashian Sisters

Everyone has that friend who has hair darker than Lena Dunham’s soul but insists on going platinum blonde. It’s usually fair to fear for them because it never goes right– but Kylie Jenner spent all Sunday getting her hair bleached and toned, and the result is surprisingly gorgeous. Kylie is definitely the sister known for dying her locks, quickly becoming the trademark girl for her turquoise ombre style a few years back. But without a doubt, this newest fashion choice is her dramatic style changes to date.

It’s always a risk for a naturally dark haired girl to bleach her hair because so many problems can occur. The most common one is the hair turning a brassy golden color that comes out looking like straw. It may seem like Kylie did it to channel her older sister Kim, who appeared with blonde hair in Paris back in March. But she was actually channeling her eldest sister, Kourtney. A few days ago on Instagram Kylie posted a platinum blonde picture of Kourt with the caption “VIBES.” Kourtney recently discusses on her app that her hair was “destroyed from bleach” but she was happy she tried something new. Hopefully, Kylie will feel differently than her sister.

Throughout the day on Sunday, Kylie Snapchatted vague pictures of her getting her hair done with what appeared to be bleach. Then slowly her audience started to see her dark tresses transform into bleach blonde locks. Later on, she commented on not knowing whether to go honey or bleach blonde. But to be quite honest, whichever color she chooses she will look awesomesauce.

[via Mirror]

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