Kylie’s New Lip Kit Colors Are A Slap In The Face To America


If you have yet to be swept into the lip kit craze, don’t hold your breath. Or better yet, do hold your breath – because your lips might just turn the same shade as Kylie’s newest lip kit releases. According to Jenner’s Snapchats, she is releasing two new shades of lip products this Friday: “Skylie” and “Freedom.” Both are shades of blue, with “Freedom” being a patriotic dark navy and “Skylie” being, well, the color of the sky.

The two hues are inspired by the Fourth of July, but I cannot help but ask the question that everyone else is thinking: what the hell, Kylie? The nation’s founders chose red, white, and blue for a reason. They knew that for years to come, basics would need to celebrate our country’s freedom by donning red lipstick. Betsy Ross and her squad didn’t pick red for our flag because it was pretty, but because they knew that women could simply not pull off blue or — God forbid — white lipstick.

But alas, Kylie has chosen to break over two centuries worth of tradition and opt for blue lipstick. You do you, ladies. If you need me on the 4th, I’ll be day drinking away in my classic red lipstick. And if I do happen to change my mind about this whole trend, I think I’ll just save myself $30 and buy a blue slushy instead.

[via Elite Daily]

Featured image via Snapchat

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