Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners) Strips Down To Bra And Panties For Maxim Photo Shoot

Boobies for the fellas, Mean Girls for the ladies, and Eliza Thornberry for the children. This one’s fun for the whole family, folks. Lacey Chabert, better known to us as Gretchen Wieners, is to appear on the November cover of Maxim magazine, which will hit newsstands on October 14. Regina George is eating her famous words: “She’s not pretty. I mean, that sounds bad, but whatever. The Spring Fling Queen is always pretty,” because the 31-year-old looks hot stripped down to a bra and panties.

Chabert got her acting start at the age of 12 as Claudia Salinger in Party of Five, but she’s best known for her role in Mean Girls, which the actress says is still constantly quoted to her almost ten years later. Chabert admits that she’s the exact opposite from Gretchen in real life:

I’m not a mean girl. Life is too short. I’m a nice girl next door, but I love a good weekend in Vegas.

Also, I want a long-lasting career, so you’re not gonna find me doing anything scandalous anytime soon.

…Except a nearly naked photo shoot.

Lacey Chabert Maxim 4

Lacey Chabert 8

Lacey Chabert 7

Lacey Chbert 6

Lacey Chabert 5

And just like that, Gretchen Wieners made “fetch” happen.

[via NY Daily News]

Image via Fanpop, USA Today, zap 2 it


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