Lady Gaga “Embraces” Weight Gain, Discusses Anorexia and Bulimia

So everyone’s in a big uproar about how Lady Gaga has gained 25 lbs. I just want to preface this by saying: 1) I hate her, and 2) gaining a little bit of weight is not that big of a deal. Although, gaining 25 lbs is the equivalent of gaining a toddler. So that’s cute.

Lady Gaga has been embracing her new weight gain, citing her love of pasta AKA CARBS (no), and has challenged her fans to accept their bodies the way they are. She claims to have had anorexia/bulimia since she was 15, and is finally at peace with her “curvy” figure.

First of all, she’s still far from what I would define as “curvy”, because she was skin and bones before the supposed weight gain. I mean yeah, she’s a little chubby, but she’s definitely not a doppelganger for Precious. I also think it’s ridiculous that she’s trying to start some type of reject revolution now because she couldn’t put her fork down. She’s not the first celebrity to gain weight and she won’t be the last. I think instead of encouraging people to be okay with being fat, she should just get on the treadmill and get over it. I also am calling BS on her heritage as a “New York Italian girl” and her father’s new restaurant as the reason for the weight gain. We all know what it really is: she’s been in a relationship with the semi-hot guy from her “You and I” video for over a year, and she’s gotten comfortable and let the unthinkable happen: she’s gained the “stable relationship weight” I live in fear of.

We all know the scenario: friend that once had the super hot body gets a boyfriend and stops going to the gym, because she’s busy hanging out with her boyfriend all the time. She used to subsist on carrots and celery, but now she’s too busy going out to eat with her new boyfriend and consuming an endless amount of carbs to notice that she’s basically a jean size bigger than when she was single. I live in fear of this, because when you’re “in love,” it’s beyond rude for your guy to mention you’re putting on weight. It’s also a little uncalled for to mention to your bestie that she’s getting bigger, because that’s just starting unnecessary drama. Basically, the remedy for the solution lies within the girl in the relationship: get out of your little ivory love tower and get to the gym.

And as for Gaga, I think playing the eating disorder card is ridiculous. She’s blowing it up, literally and figuratively, and prompting everyone to join the body revolution. Which would be great, BUT eating disorders are nothing to take lightly, and the fact that she’s just suddenly all about positive body image, and resorting to saying she’s had disordered eating, whether it may be true or not, to make people praise her for gaining weight, is irresponsible and offensive. I wish she’d just go away and let Ke$ha take over. At least it’s a universally accepted fact that Ke$ha may be a train wreck, but at least it’s a fun one.


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