There Was A “Laguna Beach” Reunion At Dieter Schmitz’s Wedding And All Was Right In The World

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Can you hear the sound of millions of millennial girls’ hearts breaking around the world? It’s happening because one of our favorite “Laguna Beach” heartthrobs is officially off the market. Dieter Schmitz is now a married man. Dieter married fiancé Isabell Hiebl Saturday evening in Monterey, California.

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We hit some serious early 2000s nostalgia when looking at the guest list. The “Laguna” Beach bromances seem to be only stronger after all these years, as Stephen Colleti, Trey Phillips and Loren Polster were all ready to pop the champagne with Dieter before walking down the aisle.

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And of course, could we ever forget about the always perfect Lauren Conrad? Lauren was in attendance and showed her support for her longtime friend by posting to both Instagram and Snapchat, gushing over Dieter and Isabell.

All this love and happy endings makes us think back to the good ole days when Dieter was constantly fighting with then-girlfriend, Jessica Smith (who was not in attendance), and Stephen was stuck in his LC v. Kristen Cavallari love triangle. Now Dieter joins the married club with members LC, Kristen, and even Jason Wahler. It seems like the stars of “Laguna Beach” have changed a lot since we saw them in high school, and it shows us that everything will usually work out in the end.

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Except for Stephen. Karma sucks for playing two girls at the same time.

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